Watts & O.G. Ron-C of the Swisha House Screwed & Chopped "Texas Chopped III Coast Game". It features such artists as S.P.M., Capone, South Mob, Slim Thug E.S.G. and more. This album has 12 tracks.

Big Joe of Throwed Minded collaborated with Rapid Ric to give "Texas Underground Most Wanted" the icing on this album. It features artists such as Hustler E., Mr. Neva Die, Capital P. and J. Capone. This album has 19 tracks.

254 Street Bosses features prominent artists such as C-Loc, South Mob, Kotton Mouth, Capone, Cadillac, D.S.D., Nino, 0.7 of the 5th Ward Boyz and more. Some popular songs from this 17 track album are "F**kem / Ya Heard Me", "Front-Door Back-Door", "Busters Phill Us" to name a few.

"Traffic" features Capone along with other artists from the Nigga'z & Ese's Clicka such as Travieso, Slim & Double M., Lawless T., Hustler E., T. Tokens and Mr. T.A.. This album has 16 tracks with "Texas Gangsta's" and "King of the Streets" being the most popular.

Slimmatic along with DJ CYSE collaborated with Texas Money Boyz to bring together some of the hottest artists in Waco such as Hustler E., Big Binky, T. Tokens, Double M. and more. This album has 19 tracks.

Big Joe & D.J. K.M.B'z (R.I.P) of Throwed Minded bring you "All In Da Family". This album has 19 popular tracks such as "Texas Wayz", "Steady Mobb'n", "Hood Life" and "Talk Of Da Town".

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